Holsters : To ensure a perfect gun-to-holster fit, I block and hand-bone every holster to the weapon it is designed to carry. This is my personal guarantee!
holsters The Horseshoe shoulder-holster system is one of the most efficient, discreet and comfortable forms of concealed weapon carry available today. It enables you to carry a single pistol on its own (HAK), but by merely switching the harness from a single to a double, it additionally allows for the carry of two spare magazines as well (HAK/MM), or two pistols, one under each arm (HAK/HAK)! Available in both left-handed and right-handed configurations. These rigs have all the outstanding design features and attention to detail that come as standard with every Horseshoe holster, and are virtually impossible to beat for lightness, speed, security, concealment and comfort.
Shoulder Holster HAK
                Single harness front view     single harness rear view
The HAK may be worn as a holster unit on its own (see illustration above of HAK with single harness). It is blocked and hand-moulded to perfectly fit the profile of the weapon it is designed to carry. A molded sight track allows for a smooth, cross-body draw. Additional weapon retention is provided by means of a steel-reinforced thumb-break with a countersunk snap-socket to eliminate snags. The single harness is fully adjustable, made of soft, chrome-tanned leather, shaped wide over the shoulder to take the weight of the pistol, and secured with Chicago screws. The surgical elastic back-strap provides optimum stability.

  Double harness front view  Double harness back view
The HAK/MM allows for the carry of a pistol plus two spare magazines by combining the holster HAK with the offside twin magazine-carrier MM. This is done by quickly and easily removing the single harness and elastic back-strap and fitting the double leather crossover harness (see illustration above). It's as easy as that! As ever, the harness is infinitely adjustable to allow for the precise positioning of both weapon and component carrier, and is wide over the shoulders to take the weight of the hardware.
Shoulder holster plus twin mag-carrier

Double shoulder holster It has been said that the fastest reload is a second weapon. With that in mind, here's the HAK/HAK. It uses the same leather crossover harness as the HAK/MM, only this time the component carrier MM has been replaced by a second holster HAK in a left-handed configuration, allowing you to comfortably carry two weapons simultaneously, one under each arm. Thus main weapon and primary backup, or two primary weapons, may be carried in concealed comfort. However, a little common-sense is called for here. Don't, for instance, order the HAK/HAK for two really oversized weapons (like the Glock 20), and then complain because you're having trouble concealing them. Sounds obvious, doesn't it? It did to me too, but believe it or not, it has happened more than once!
These holsters are uniquely excellent and provide the optimum means of comfortable, efficient covert carry. Check the availability of the HAK, HAK/MM or HAK/HAK for your weapon/weapons by consulting the Holster Selector Chart.

To see an action demonstration of model HAK, ensure your browser is Java-enabled, wait until this page has fully loaded ("Document Done" or "Done" in Status Bar) then Click this link.

Please Note:These holsters are supplied in a hammer-down configuration only. Now I know there are a lot of folk out there who prefer the condition one or cocked-and-locked carry, and I have perfect faith in the function of the mechanical safety devices of 1911-style pistols. However, working at a distance, I can have no inkling at all of the attitude, knowledge, and weapon-handling capabilities of any individual who purchases or uses a Horseshoe holster. Additionally, I have no way of monitoring the circumstances under which said holster or any item may be used or by whom, so can never be sure that these were appropriate i.e. that equipment was not being used in a way that was never intended. Living, as we do, in a fiercely litigious society, I cannot run the risk of facing a lawsuit brought by some unknown individual who, after having shot himself or someone else for whatever reason, may then try to blame the accident on the fact that he was carrying his weapon, cocked-and-locked, in one of my holsters. I am not for a moment suggesting that you may be that individual, but I like the idea of sleeping at night and, having reached the evening of my life, I really have no wish to get involved with any situation which may, potentially, lead to a lawsuit, quite apart from not wanting to have the death or the severe wounding of anyone on my conscience.

Tie-Downs:Now I know that one or two manufacturers supply tie-downs. I don't. Time was when I supplied them as standard with all my shoulder-holsters. I subsequently discovered, however, that about 95% of people never used them, and the 5% that did complained about the fact that they were (a) too short (b) too long (c) in the wrong position. So I finally decided, no more tie-downs. And if that meant losing 5% of potential customers, well, it was worth it to avoid all the hassle. In all honesty, the only way I could properly incorporate tie-downs that fit properly and functioned efficiently is if the customer were willing to come across to my shop and be measured for an exact fitting. Anything else would be a compromise.

Holsters are available in both LH or RH configuration. Please stipulate when ordering if LH required. If nothing stipulated, then standard RH configuration will be made.

Prices in $USD:
HAK(complete with single leather harness and elastic back-strap) $145.00 USD
HAK/MM (complete with double leather harness) $286.00 USD
HAK Holster Unit Only (without harness) $119.00 USD
MM Only (without harness) $119.00 U.S.
HAK/HAK Double Holster Rig (complete with double leather harness) $286.00 USD
          Extra single harness $26.00 USD, Extra Double Harness $48.00 USD.

           All the above prices plus 10% postage.

Prices in EUROS:
HAK(complete with single leather harness and elastic back-strap) 137.00 EUROS
HAK/MM(complete with double leather harness) 270.00 EUROS
HAK Holster Unit Only (without harness) 112.00 EUROS
MM Only (without harness) 112.00 EUROS
HAK/HAK Double Holster Rig (complete with double leather harness) 270.00 EUROS
Extra Harness (Harness is chrome-tanned cowhide only):
     Single harness 30.00 EUROS, Double Harness 45.00 EUROS

All the above prices include postage.

Prices in GBP Sterling:
HAK(complete with single leather harness and elastic back-strap) 115.00 GBP
HAK/MM(complete with double leather harness) 228.00 GBP
HAK Holster Unit Only (without harness) 95.00 GBP
MM Only (without harness) 95.00 GBP
HAK/HAK Double Holster Rig (complete with double leather harness) 228.00 GBP
Extra Harness (Harness is chrome-tanned cowhide only):
     Single harness 20.00 GBP, Double Harness 38.00 GBP

All the above prices include postage.

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