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Return and Refunds Policy


1 As the owner of Horseshoe Leather Products, my aim is to provide not only gunleather of the highest quality, but that which is best suited to a customer's individual needs. With this in mind, I have provided a wealth of helpful information and guidelines on my website as an aid to choice. The Product Features section lists what is and what isn't available. I am additionally available by phone or email to provide help and guidance and to answer any and all queries beforehand. I do this in order to provide from my product range, whenever possible and when requested, the item that will best match a customer's particular set of circumstances and requirements. So please be certain that the holster or any other item you order is suitable for both its and your own intended use.
2 No items are carried in stock (see item # 7 in FAQ section). All equipment is hand made from details provided on the order form, so the customer gets exactly what is ordered. Consequently, returns are accepted ONLY if merchandise is found to be defective in materials or workmanship i.e. where equipment is flawed or damaged in transit, or if I have mistakenly supplied the wrong model of holster/mag-holder/belt to the one ordered. If this occurs, then a no-questions-asked refund or replacement is standard, depending on the wishes of the customer.
3 I do NOT operate a try-before-you-buy policy. If you want to order a holster, or any other piece of equipment, with the option of returning it because you may, at some later date, change your mind or decide that it is not the item for you, then I strongly urge you to buy from a manufacturer who does operate such a policy.
4 If you wish to return an item, please call or email me first to obtain RETURN AUTHORIZATION. Unauthorized returns will not be accepted. Returns, once authorized, must be made within a three day inspection period following delivery to your address.
MPORTANT: Once authorised, use Small Packet Airmail to send an item back . This is the quickest and cheapest postal option. It is essential that you mark the value on the customs declaration label as NIL. NO COMMERCIAL VALUE, and, in the description of goods section, put ITEM RETURNED FOR MODIFICATION. Failure to do this may lead to the item being unnecessarily delayed within the postal system.
5 Should I determine, after my inspection, that a returned item is not defective, it shall be the clients responsibility to pay return shipping of the item.
6 Please remember that any item returned must be unused and in as new condition. Goods that have been used or abused will not be accepted. If you have any questions as to what is or what isn't returnable, then please call and ask before ordering.
7 Belts that are made to your individual sizing specifications as per your order are not returnable for exchange or refund.
8 Once authorized, items for refund or exchange must be returned within 21 days. Original or return shipping charges are not subject to refund or reimbursement.
9 After 21 days, all sales are considered final.
10 I am sometimes asked if I guarantee blanket customer satisfaction. In my position, only a fool would do so. Bear in mind that I can have absolutely no inkling as to the weapon-handling capabilities or the intelligence of any individual who purchases or uses Horseshoe equipment. Additionally, I have no way of monitoring the circumstances under which any item may be used or by whom, so can never be sure that these were appropriate i.e. that equipment was not being used in a way that was never intended.
11Purchasing an item or items from Horseshoe Leather Products means that the purchaser has read the above Return and Refund Conditions and agrees to abide by them.

Despite the sinister sounding, legalese of the above, it is my sincere wish that you, the customer, be happy with your purchases from Horseshoe -- and 99.999% of you most certainly are, as proven by the new and repeat orders I have received over the last thirty years. However, I must lay down guidelines that protect my genuine customers from the few unscrupulous individuals who constantly attempt to exploit and abuse the goodwill of the system, to the detriment of all concerned.

If you have any comments or queries regarding my returns policy or questions about any of my products, please contact me.

It is important that you also read the Consumer Information, Warranties and Disclaimers in the Product Features section.


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