Holsters : To ensure a perfect gun-to-holster fit, I block every IWB holster to the weapon it is designed to carry. This is my personal guarantee!
The world may be roughly divided into two categories of people: those who use Inside Waistband holsters and those who don't! Inside Waistband or IWB carry is, for the uninitiated, where the weapon is carried strong side or crossdraw in a holster that is actually positioned inside the trouser waistband. It is attached to the belt by means of a loop or clip, this mainly to prevent the holster from coming out when the weapon is drawn but also, to a lesser degree in the case of loops, to allow for a particular angle of rake. Because they are virtually undetectable under a loose jacket, a tee-shirt or even an ordinary shirt, IWB holsters provide an excellent form of covert weapon carry.
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Adjustable loops
Model 62L, 62LS is loop-fastening. The holster body is constructed from thin, natural rough-out leather for minimal bulk. However, unlike most other holsters of this type, it is made to a unique flat pancake configuration to ensure optimum concealment. The mouth of the holster is steel-reinforced to allow for tactical (one-handed in plainspeak!) re-holstering, behind a leather trim which comes in the usual choice of Saddle Tan, Cordovan or Black. The loops are fitted with two heavy-duty snaps for added security and are screw-fastened to the holster. This allows for varying degrees of rake. It also allows loops of different widths to be interchanged and used, if required. Experience shows that this latter feature, though much trumpeted of late by several manufacturers, is seldom if ever used, most people tending to stick to the same holster/belt combination. However, it has always been a standard feature with the 62L/62LS so, at the risk of stating the obvious, it's there if you want it. Loops are available in widths of 1 1/4" and 1 1/2". Please note that a width of 1 3/4" is not an option. As with most Horseshoe holsters, the rear protective tab is available if required (S in model designation denotes no protective tab).

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Steel Clip
Model 62C, 62CS is clip-fastening. It is identical in construction to the 62L/62LS and has all the same outstanding features, except that the holster is fastened to the belt by means of a steel clip. This means that rake is fixed to vertical and there isn't the option of altering the width of the clip to accommodate other belts. Apart from this, however, it is identical in function to the loop-fixing model. Clips are a discreet black in color and are available in widths of 1 1/4" and 1 1/2". Please note that a width of 1 3/4" is not an option. Incidentally, if you've had a bad experience with clips in the past or if you think they aren't as positive in retaining the holster to the belt as loops are, then let me reassure you. My clips are specially made with a hooked underside that anchors it firmly to the belt (see above right) when the weapon is drawn. The only time the holster comes out is when you remove it! These holsters and mag-pouches MUST be worn with a belt in order to function efficiently. As with most Horseshoe holsters, the rear protective tab is available if required (S in model designation denotes no protective tab).

For both the 62L/62LS and the 62C/62CS it has been suggested that, for additional concealment, some blousing of the wearer's shirt over the grips will hide the weapon completely, leaving only the loops or the clip visible. This works fine (see illustrations). Bear in mind, however, that any exaggerated movement to the side opposite from where the weapon is worn is bound to expose it -- unless, of course, you've taken to wearing your shirt bloused like some itinerant Cossack dancer, in which case most people will be far too busy admiring your fancy footwork to bother looking for a concealed weapon! If, however, you tend, like most folk, to dress normally, then I suggest a light bomber-jacket or similar garment. Today's fashion dictates that for casual wear the shirt be worn outside the trousers -- definitely a bonus for users of IWB holsters.

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Some words of caution:
(1) Personal experience backed by customer feedback has shown that IWB carry for wide-bodied autos together with magazines can be an uncomfortable experience if used over prolonged periods of time. So if you own a Glock or similar weapon and are considering IWB carry, shove the weapon (unloaded) and a mag or two into your trouser waistband for a few hours and see how you cope with the discomfort quotient before you decide.
(2) Although 62L/62LS has a built-in variable rake facility because of the belt loop being screw-fastened to the holster, this rake may only be varied either way by no more than 20 or 25 degrees, this in order to ensure a personal preference for a comfortable draw. Some users are attempting to fix the loops to an extreme angle of rake and wear the holster in the small-of back position. I can personally guarantee that this will not work. Firstly, the holster will not retain an extreme angle, no matter how much you tighten the fixing screw and, secondly, if it did, the holstered weapon would almost certainly somersault out from inside the waistband at the first sign of any movement.
(3) 62C may be clip-fastening, but is NOT a solution to the myth of "beltless" carry. These holsters and mag-pouches MUST be worn with a belt in order to function efficiently.

Check the availability of this holster for your weapon by consulting the Holster Selector Chart.

Smooth Out Option: Many customers have expressed a preference for the leather smooth side out in the body of the holster. No problem! Clearly print in blocks and underline SMOOTH SIDE OUT when filling in your order-form and it will be done. Here's a thought, though: strange as it may seem, some individuals will opt for the smooth-out finish only because it happens to be an option on offer that doesn't cost any extra. And no, I'm not kidding! The smooth-out finish may look "pretty",but offers no other advantage at all. The contrary, if anything. Whereas the rough-out finish provides a certain amount of friction against clothing, thereby helping to minimize lateral movement, the smooth-out finish doesn't. So why do I offer both? At one time a rough-out finish was standard. Then a number of potential customers asked if I'd provide a smooth-out finish. So now I do, leaving the final decision to the customer! For me it's six and half-a-dozen. Incidentally, rough-out or smooth-out, it's only the trim that is dyed to a colour. The body of the holster is ALWAYS left natural. Reason? Perspiration over a period of time can lead to dye leaching out, causing discoloration to skin or clothing.

62L/62LS is available in both LH or RH configuration. Please stipulate when ordering if LH required. If nothing stipulated, then standard RH configuration will be made. 62C/62CS is available right hand configuration only.

Follow this link for IWB Single and Twin Magazine-Holders.

Prices in $USD: Cowhide: (62L, 62LS, 62C, 62CS) $116.00 USD plus 10% postage
                                 Extra loops: $14.00 USD in cowhide, plus 10% postage.

Prices in EUROS: Cowhide: (62L, 62LS, 62C, 62CS) 109.00 EUROS including postage

Extra loops: 15.00 EUROS in cowhide, including postage.

Prices in GBP Sterling: Cowhide: (62L, 62LS, 62C, 62CS) 92.00 GBP including postage

Extra loops:10.00 GBP in cowhide, including postage.

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