Holsters and Accessories: Standard Product Features and Important Consumer Information


1. All holsters are for semi-automatic pistols only. I no longer make holsters for revolvers (please see item #3 in the FAQ section.

2. All holsters are available in Right Hand configuration only. The only exceptions are holsters HAK (with MM if required) and 62L. These are also available in Left Hand configuration

3. All holsters and mag-holders are available in a choice of Cordovan, Saddle Tan, or Black.

4. Belt-slots, belt-loops and belt-clips are available in two widths only: 1 1/4" and 1 1/2". Please note that 1 3/4" slots or loops are not available for any item.

5. Inside-waistband (IWB) items are in natural rough-out with a choice of trim in the above colors. If required, IWB items are available smooth-out, but this must be requested at the time of ordering.

6. Holster TJM, mag-holder MT and belt-clip CV are in Natural only, belt E2 in White.

7. Holsters are only available for the weapons listed in the Holster Selector Chart. Please therefore check for availability before ordering.

8. Please consult the FAQ section if you have any queries or contact me by phone or email.

9. All holsters are designed to function efficiently with standard factory-equipped handguns. They should not be used with modified weapons which alter original factory specifications.

10. Most holsters and some magazine-carriers have the option of a rear protective tab to prevent weapon or magazine chafing. Normal model designations include the protective tab, those ending in "S" denote no tab (e.g. 22H is with tab, 22HS is without).

11. Unless stated otherwise, the following features are standard for all Horseshoe holsters:


12. Horsehide: In my own humble opinion, cowhide (aka bullhide, aka steerhide. See item #16 in the FAQ section) has always been the best natural material for the crafting of gunleather. My opinion on the matter, and why I don't use horsehide, may be found at Cowhide or Horsehide? in the FAQ section. This contains valuable information and examines the pros and cons of each.


Important Consumer Information

This information should be read and assimilated prior to the use of any Horseshoe Leather product. All firearms are potentially dangerous and may cause great harm, personal injury or death. Firearms and firearm-related products should ONLY be used by persons who have been properly qualified or trained in their use, handling and safekeeping by accredited programs such as the National Rifle Association or other qualified programs.

As a general policy, Horseshoe Leather Products seeks to provide quality, hand-made products that will completely satisfy the needs of its customers. However, no holster can completely secure a weapon from its unauthorized removal by an assailant, or from falling out during vigorous physical or other various activities. It is ultimately the user's responsibility to use caution and to exercise weapon-retention practices.

Your Horseshoe holster should only be used with the specific gun (make, model, frame and barrel size) for which it was designed and made. Neither your gun nor your Horseshoe holster should be modified in any way, because alteration can increase the chance for accidental discharge. Although each item is subjected to close scrutiny before release to the customer, we advise the purchaser to inspect the product immediately upon receipt, before using, and periodically thereafter. Regular inspection is mandatory to ensure proper form, fit and function of these products.

All Horseshoe holsters are designed to function safely and efficiently with modern high-quality factory-equipped handguns. Use of Horseshoe products with firearms for which they are not designed or which have been modified or customized (including but not limited to the use of such devices as trigger shoes or grip adaptors) or which are defective, abused, improperly maintained or manufactured to inferior standards is not recommended or approved. Such improper use, either by themselves or in combination, can cause unsatisfactory weapon seating and faulty weapon retention, leading to dangerous and unexpected discharge of the firearm or ammunition and can cause serious physical injury or death to the wearer and/or others. It is also advisable to keep fingers clear of the hammer and/or trigger during insertion or withdrawal of the weapon from its Horseshoe holster.

It is the user's responsibility to exercise extreme caution when handling or carrying any handgun, and to assume at all times that the gun is loaded. Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to cock a handgun while it is still in the holster as this can cause damage to the holster, the gun, or both, and may cause an accidental discharge. Keep the thumb on the back of the slide when inserting the handgun into the holster to ensure that the weapon does not become cocked during this operation.

Carrying some models of semi-automatic pistol in the cocked-and-locked condition (also known as "condition one") is NOT advised. Carrying a handgun in this condition greatly increases the risk of accidental discharge. It should be used only by those who have the training and the experience to recognize and accept the inherent risks associated with it. Even though more than adequate weapon retention is blocked into each holster, it is, nevertheless, still possible to dislodge a weapon during extremely rare incidents. It is therefore essential that you verify the holster-to-weapon fit with your Horseshoe holster, first making doubly sure that the weapon is unloaded, and that it is securely seated prior to use.

To avoid accidental discharge, a shoulder holster should be removed and pointed in a safe direction before a gun is inserted. Fingers must be kept clear of the trigger and hammer mechanisms during the insertion or removal of the firearm from the holster. During excessive or vigorous physical activity, the firearm should be manually secured by hand to prevent its dislocation from any holster product. Should your Horseshoe holster become worn, damaged, loose, defective or ill-fitting at any time, cease use immediately.

Because Horseshoe Leather Products cannot control the use of any or all of its products, and pursuant to the provisions of the California Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, these products are sold "as is" and "with all faults." Horseshoe Leather Products expressly limits its liability to the repair or replacement of any item that is defective in materials and/or workmanship. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the product is with the buyer. Should the product prove defective following its purchase, please contact Horseshoe Leather Products immediately, though the buyer and not the manufacturer assumes the entire risk of all necessary servicing or repair.

All warranties of merchantability or fitness for intended use and all other warranties, either express or implied, and any liability for incidental or consequential damages from the use of any Horseshoe Leather Products product are disclaimed and excluded from the retail sales transaction and shall not apply to the product or products sold. It is the responsibility of the buyer to follow the guidelines regarding the determination of the fitness or the suitability of any product for a specific use.

As a matter of courtesy, Horseshoe Leather Products is concerned about the products it sells and urgently solicits comments or inquiries in order to be able to completely satisfy its customers. Please click on this link for complete contact information.


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