Holsters : To ensure a perfect gun-to-holster fit, I block and hand-bone every holster to the weapon it is designed to carry. This is my personal guarantee!
Model 22H, 22HS: The design of this holster is innovative in every sense of the word, making it truly unique. The holster body is made up in the low-profile pancake style for maximum concealment, but here's where it differs from other models: the holster mouth is of wraparound construction and reinforced for ease of one-handed re-holstering, making it the very first holster that successfully combines these two forms of construction (see item on holster design) to such excellent effect, giving its user the very best of both worlds. Additionally, it has all the outstanding features that come as standard with every model of Horseshoe holster. It positions the weapon really high for comfort, yet pulls it well into the body for maximum concealment. A molded sight track and generous muzzle-rear rake allow for ease and speed of draw. Wide-spaced slots eliminate lateral movement and permit positive positioning over a trouser belt-loop, allowing the weight of the pistol to be evenly distributed. Because of its reinforced mouth, it is eminently suitable for all normal as well as for all wide-bodied semi-autos.

The rear protective tab option is available (S in holster model designation denotes NO protective tab). Available for belt widths of 1 1/4" or 1 1/2" only in Saddle Tan, Cordovan, or Black (Click here for colour samples). Check the availability of this holster for your weapon by consulting the Holster Selector Chart


To see an action demonstration of model 22HS, ensure your browser is Java-enabled, wait until this page has fully loaded ("Document Done" or "Done" in Status Bar) then Click this link.

holster 22HS rear viewholster 22H rear view

Prices in $USD: 22H, 22HS (Cowhide): $121.00 USD plus 10% postage
Prices in EUROS: 22H, 22HS (Cowhide); 114.00 EUROS including postage
Prices in GBP: 22H, 22HS (Cowhide): 96.00 GBP including postage

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