Dear Folks,

Over the years I have made belts more as an afterthought than anything else, mainly to satisfy the demands of the very occasional customer. My main interest has always been -- and still is -- holsters.

I hate to admit it, but the passage of time and failing eyesight have slowed me down to the point where I find the production of belts extremely time-consuming. Given my current ridiculous situation with a turnaround of fourteen to eighteen weeks, I've decided to concentrate solely on holsters and mag-pouches and leave the making of belts to other manufacturers.

For a while, I did recommend a small, personalised manufacturing facility in North Carolina who make some of the finest belts I've ever seen. Unfortunately, the belts they produce come only in a double-thick configuration -- totally unsuitable for use with my holsters.

All my holsters and mag-pouches are designed for use with single-thickness leather belts, which embrace the contours of a holstered weapon and help concealment. Double-thick belts are far too rigid and inflexible resulting in the holster standing out like a pea on a drum.

If you don't already have a belt and require one to go with your Horseshoe holster, there are a host of manufacturers out there who offer some fine single-thickness belts that would be eminently suitable. Before searching the Internet, however, have a look around locally. You may be pleasantly surprised to find what's on offer from small craft shops and leather artisans in your area. holsters


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